Storm Damage

The East Coast, including Maryland and Virginia, experiences costly damage following storms every year. Guardians Landscape’s storm damage cleanup services in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia will help restore your landscape after a damaging storm. We provide friendly service that is both scientific and safe. Call us today at 202-839-9522.

Storm damage clean up needs typically include tree trimming, tree removal, limb hauling and tree and brush pruning. Guardians Landscape can help you restore your property after a storm. We will remove dangerous fallen trees and limbs safely and efficiently.

Man removing a fallen tree due to storm damage
Man removing uprooted tree blocking the road due to storm.

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Reasons for Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm damaged trees are a hazard. Loose limbs, hanging branches, and leaning trees could fall after the storm has passed. Large trees and limbs could block cars and entrances to structures, including your home. These could leave you stranded or trapped inside your home until the path is cleared.

The health of remaining trees, shrubs, and gardens could also be affected by storm damage. Some may need to be replaced, while others simply need trimming or pruning.

A tree that has suffered storm damage might have damaged or dead wood or branches. These should be removed right away to avoid affecting the rest of the tree. If the damage is severe enough, the entire tree may need to be removed. 

Unstable trees may cause damage to your car, home, property, and utility lines.

Trees that incur severe root damage will need to be removed. A tree with minor root damage may be able to recover, however a badly damaged root system will kill a tree and may affect the surrounding plants. 

Dead trees attract pests and diseases, which may spread to other plant life and damage your home and nearby structures.

Storm Damage Pricing

Storm damaged tree broken

Guardians offers a wide array of storm damage cleanup services in Maryland and Virginia. The type and scope of services your property needs will determine the cost of the cleanup. 

Factors to consider: 

  • Tree size, height and width
  • Climbing
  • Hauling of debris 
  • Travel 

Call Guardians Landscape today to discuss the storm damage cleanup services you need for your property in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia.

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Our experienced professionals hold many certifications that make us perfectly suited to assist you with your landscaping and tree jobs in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. At Guardians, friendly, scientific, and safe is our guarantee.

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